INDIA. 2. Uttarakhand. Rishikesh. A giant statue of monkey god Hanuman who tears his chest open to let figurines of Shiva and Parvati appear at regular interval, to the delight of visitors.

Abbas, a member of Magnum Photos, is an Iranian transplanted to Paris since childhood. After covering the Revolution for two years in 1978-1980, he returned after a 17-year voluntary exile, in 1997. His book Iran Diary: 1971-2002 (Autrement, 2002) is a critical interpretation of its history, photographed and written as a personal diary.
Troubled by the internal tensions within Muslim societies, torn between a mythical past and a desire for modernization, his second book was Allah O Akbar, a journey through militant Islam. He continued to explore the same thematic in his book In Whose Name?, The Islamic World after 9/11.
From Islam, he moved to Christianity and polytheism, then to the world of Buddhism, photographing with the same skeptical eye for his book Les Enfants du Lotus, Voyage

Chez Les Bouddhistes. In 2011, he began a similar long-term project on Hinduism which he concluded in 2013. Here, we share with you some of the charged and potent moments he has managed to capture, mostly in India. Abbas is currently finishing a long-term project on Judaism.

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