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Everyone has a hidden talent, a fire already ignited within. The idea behind Creative Image is to fan this zealous flame to create something magical, until the unseen and the unknown reveal themselves in a heartbeat and a Creative Image is conjured.

With our digital and physical platforms we aim to create a participatory platform for all visual artists to share their work with the world. Creative Image is a bi-monthly visual art magazine. Each issue is thematic and largely covers the work produced in the Indian subcontinent, appraising passionate artists and photographers by publishing works that are unique, important, and impactful.

All creative expressions continue to undergo multifarious changes in its advancing period. In this context, what sets us apart is the timelessness of our content. We focus not only on the work of well-established artists and legends but also encourage contemporary, emerging creative thinkers. The Creative image team is dedicated towards building a network between the artists, artworks, and viewers on varying subjects by bridging the gap between experts and non-experts. We provide a database of interviews, reviews, discussions; interactions, events, news, opportunities and much more complied together to bring to you online access to the world of visual art in one place.

The Story

of Creative Image

Creative Image was first conceptualized during a conversation between Raghu Rai and his daughter, Purvai, when he had mentioned that if he ever had his own magazine, it would be very different from the existing ones. As a young photographer, he recalled waiting restlessly for the best of contemporary photography magazines to arrive on the stands each month so that he could educate himself in the latest developments of the photography world. This innate hunger is what had inspired him to take up photography and eventually excel at it; it was the same itch that he wanted to instill in today’s generation of photographers.

Long after the conversation, the thought stayed with his daughter. When she went back to design school she immersed herself in publication design and branding studies, determined to turn her father’s dream into reality. With the vision in place, she started to reach out to photographers via social media, asking for portfolios. Needless to say, Raghu Rai was overjoyed when he received the first digital dummy of the magazine, a consolidation of her extensive research.

The ecstatic response its online presence generated only went on to motivate both father and daughter further. They continued to strive towards perfecting the platform they were envisioning for photographers that would not only educate them under Raghu Rai’s personal guidance, but also create space to showcase their skills. They decided to call it the Creative Image.

The first issue of the magazine was launched at the Delhi Photo Festival on 30th October 2015. The magazine has been in continuous circulation since, living up to its objective of inspiring its many subscribers to strive for excellence. Therefore, thrilling the father-daughter duo with the enormously positive response that its every issue receives.

Over the two-year period of working and sustaining the magazine, Purvai reached out to many practitioners and individuals from different creative fields which changed Creative Image’s outlook. It started as a photography magazine mainly focusing on education and a much-needed platform for the upcoming photographers. Now, it looks at all visual art forms and aims to provide a database—of interviews, blogs, events, news, opportunities and much more complied together to bring to you online access to the world of visual art in one place— to bridge the gap between experts and non-experts by conducting reviews, workshops, discussions and interactions. And finally it is aimed at financially facilitating artists, by helping them curate and price their work, showcasing it on physical and digital platforms in the form of exhibitions and so on.

Advertise / Collaborate

Collaborate with us to reach out to the Asian art world—practitioners and the public—To create opportunities and to discover associations between artists, artworks and viewers on varying subjects.

Associations can range from advertisements, Interactive Advertorials, Promotional Features, Events, Partnerships, Photowalks and Photo-Contests, Workshops, Creative Explorations Workshop, Grants , Reviews & Previews, Exhibitions and much more.


While art is not an unfamiliar notion, it certainly isn’t a popular notion as a profession by many in the Indian Subcontinent, and we aim to change that.

With our aim, we are driven towards challenging the status quo of places and times like ours where your contribution can help us provide and nurture young creative minds who wish to explore their hidden talents. Donate books, art material, artworks, and so on for our gallery and library and make it available to all art lovers.


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Creative Image’s foundation was established to bring together artists and photographers from all walks of life, to build a community connecting people from around the world who speak together the language of visual art.


  • Fujifilm
  • Ricoh
  • Nikon
  • Gionee
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth's School of Photograph (BVSP)
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Magnum Photos
  • Tasveer Gallery
  • Photo Ink
  • Sepiaeye
  • Alkazi Foundation
  • Estate of Andre Kertez
  • Estate of Kanu Gandhi
  • Nazar Foundation
  • European Space Agency
  • Ansel Adams Estates
  • Richard Avedon Estate
  • Maxim PetrovichDmitriev
  • Xavier Barrel
  • Dmitri Baltermants / Glaz Gallery, Moscow
  • Press Trust of India
  • Taka Ishii Gallery
  • IngeMorath Foundation


“Congratulations to Raghu Rai, a dear friend of mine, and his team for producing a world-class magazine which encompasses the classic and the contemporary world of photography with excellence and elegance. Raghu is not only one of India’s great photographers—maybe the best Indian photographer who ever lived—but also one of the great photographers of the world. He is a great spirit and an incredible human being.”
Steve McCurry, USA
Editorial and Photojournalistic Photographer,Magnum Photos, National Geographic, ImagineAsia

“A great magazine on photography that goes far deeper than just an image, by India’s greatest photo genius, Raghu Rai.”
ShekharKapur, India
Director, Producer, Actor

“Creative Image is a wonderful addition to the world of photography. Beautifully designed and printed, genuinely global in scope and su used with the vision, empathy and artistic integrity of its creator, Raghu Rai. I only wish it appeared more frequently. Congratulations to everyone involved.”
Geoffrey C Ward, USA
Editor, Author, Historian, Writer Audience, American Heritage, Geo, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Aperture

“Creative Image looks very elegant and great to see a good selection of images, with great printing and production.”
Martin Parr, UK
Documentary Photographer, Photojournalist, Photobook Collector Magnum Photos

“Creative Image is a superb publication as can be expected from a master.”
M K Razdan
India Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Press Trust of India

“It is a labour of love, and I can surely imagine the birth pains. A magazine is tactile, it needs to be touched, smelled; one needs to linger over the pages. In this digital world of ours, there is no substitute for the nely printed photo magazine. This one is a delight to hold, a pleasure to browse, and often has you gasping. A magazine of this calibre was much needed. But photography is much too gendered a medium for my liking. And while I drool over the images, I’d love to see more of the provocative text and images that buck the trend. I am thankful for, and somewhat jealous of, this new endeavour.”
ShahidulAlam, Bangladesh
Photographer, Social Activist, Writer Drik, Majority World, Pathshala

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