Tickles Of Travel

E Edition

Price: ₹ 99

This issue (Tickles of Travel) of Creative Image explores several moods of travel and the varying intentions behind it. We initiate a visual conversation about the wonders of travel and unpredictability that shape our future alignments beginning from here and now to eternity. As we all know, most of us, most of the time live and relate to more inside our mindspace than the energies emoting from the space that's outside of us. When you begin to realize the journey of a given moment in space it causes new awakening, a new charge for the next one to happen. We begin the issue with Matt Stewart's exploration of his homeland in his simplistic yet intriguing approach. This feature is followed by Paulo Simao's photographs that bring to focus "a strong visual universe of propaganda" conveyed through emblematic images of North Korean regime. We further experience travelogues of Samia Singh through her vivid artwork. Furthermore we find out what goes inside the mind of an astrophotographer with Navneet Unnikrishnan and Nimit Nigam. while metro doodle takes us on a journey of fascinating metro rides, we travel along features of Mustafa Seven, Edas Wong, Sharbendu De, Swapnil Jedhe among many more.

  • Larry Hallegua
  • Parth Gupta
  • Paulo Simao
  • Rammy Narula
  • Roy Rozanski
  • Samia Singh
  • swapnil Jedhe
  • Yoon Jeong Vin
  • Jangarh Singh Shyams
  • Jose Saureze
  • Gmb Akash
  • John Mclean Hometowns
  • Metrodoodle-samar
  • Mustafa Seven
  • Renato D Agostin
  • Saifuzzaman Sium
  • Sharbendu De
  • Massimo Bietti—maxxetto
  • Navaneeth Unnikirshnan
  • Nimit Nigam
  • Md Enamul Kabir
  • Shin Noguchi
  • Yves Vernin
  • Trond J Hansen
  • Edas Wong
  • Jalal Shamaszaran
  • Matt Stuart
  • Szymon Lewinski
  • Harleen Kalsi
  • Ranu Jain
  • Neeharika Satyavada
  • Aneek Anwar
  • Shashank Singhania
  • Mahesh Srinivas
  • Chaitanya Bhatti
  • Fernanda Bayler
  • Amogh Kanaskar
  • Chico Kfouri
  • Anirudh Goel
  • Vignesh Raja
  • Vivek Dixit
  • Priyamvada Rana

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