The World At War With Itself, War-Zones

E Edition

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Introducing Vol 1 issue 6 of Creative IMAGE Magazine, a Raghu Rai publication, based on the theme of 'The World At War With Itself'! This issue showcases the many aspects of war photography and aims to feature not only the aftermath but the causes and the effects in terms of first hand experiences of various war photographers. It features photographs from Dimitri Baltermants, his work on World War II. This issue also includes Altaf Qadri's work on the Kashmir conflict, Paula Bronstein's photo essay and book review on Afghanistan, Shannon Jensen's photo series on Sudan's refugees among other spectacular work. Presented also is a feature of the American Civil War covered by Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner, who were first American war photographers to portray the fearful human cost of the war.

  • Altaf Qadri
  • Dmitri Baltermants
  • Paroma Mukherjee
  • Majid Saeedi
  • Samiksha Bhardwaj
  • Altaf Qadri
  • Chandan Gomes
  • Paula Bronstein
  • Kuni Takahashi
  • Emad Nassar
  • Geoffrey C. Ward
  • Rollie Mukherjee
  • Mustafa Quraishi
  • Shannon Jensen
  • Emad Nassar
  • Prachi Vashishtha
  • Michael Stokes
  • Pti
  • Mathew Brady
  • Alexander Gardner
  • Library Of Congress

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