The Unpredictable

E Edition

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Introducing Vol 2 issue 1 of Creative IMAGE Magazine, a Raghu Rai publication, based on the theme-'The Unpredictable'! This issue showcases the silent instinctive moments which carry the power and the potency to speak for themselves. These unseen and unknown moments are the personal and life changing experiences, which often either start with or end at introspection. Presenting many such moments through the eyes of different photographers. It features Trent Parke, his inspiring and magical images. This issue also includes Swapan Parekh's seldom published work, his search and experiences; the silent mystery among other spectacular work. Presented also is the journey of Ikko Narahara, one of Japan's most modernist photographers, his work from the 1950s as he constantly questioned the culture and future in the wake of Japan's post-war reality. In our segment-Festival Walk, Amit Mehra, photographer and curator tells us about the Indian Photography Festival and his experience of curating it.

  • Swapan Parekh
  • Trent Parke
  • Igor Pisuk
  • Harikrishna Katragadda
  • Ashita Majumdar
  • Ikko Narahara
  • Paroma Mukherjee
  • Amit Mehra
  • Yasir Iqbal
  • Zishaan Akbar Latif
  • Manu Thomas
  • Ali Shams
  • Amruta Dhavale
  • Monika Gawinowska
  • Nirvair Singh Rai
  • Subrata Biswas
  • Susan Guice
  • Bhaskar Datta
  • Supita Dutta Chowdhury
  • Rajat Swami
  • Kshitij Mishra
  • Amit Patel

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