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The Vol 2 issue 2 of Creative IMAGE Magazine, a Raghu Rai publication, is based on the theme 'Faith'! The issue takes the reader through a journey of everyday faith across the globe. Exploring the nuances of religious practices, rituals and ideologies, it leaps the fine line between fear and hope. Faith shapes identity, it binds diverse communities in a common thread. With the help of compelling visuals, this issue brings forth the frankness in Magnum photographer Abbas' stories from India, simplicity of Yang Yankang's photo essay on Tibetan Buddhists, surrealism in Melisa Teo's Let There Be Light, in which she feeds her curiosity through her "third eye". Through social media collaboration with Camarena and India Pictures, Creative IMAGE throws limelight on young, talented photographers in this issue. It also takes a gallery walk of Photo 'OK' Please and 'Art Zone'-Pullman. Digging into archives, the issue features the work of Russian photojournalist Maxim Dmitriev on 19 Century pilgrimage and faith.

  • Abbas
  • Natan Dvir
  • Yang Yankang
  • Melisa Teo
  • Anurag Banerjee
  • Sumit Dayal
  • Chandan Khanna
  • Maciej Dakowicz
  • Chandan Gomes
  • Swapnil Jedhe
  • Kazi Mushfiq Hossain
  • Arka Dutta
  • Arnab Adak
  • Rohit Gautam
  • Avishek Das
  • Joydeep Mukherjee
  • Francis Meslet
  • Amit And Naroop
  • Ina Puri
  • Brihat Rai
  • Manu Yadav
  • Maria Akesh
  • Jayanta Roy
  • Charan Reddy
  • Nitin Rai
  • Neil Chowdhury
  • Amardeep Banerjee
  • Sayali Suryawanshi
  • Sushant Chougule
  • Sachin Mishra
  • Ambarish Sivasubramaniam
  • Maxim Petrovich Dmitriev
  • Noor Ahmed Gelal
  • Abhishek Madhukar
  • Sunakshi Gupta

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