Portraying Female

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In the Vol 2 issue 3 of Creative Image magazine, we explore the intricacies of not just the act of photographing female but, the photographs that portray women in vivid lights. It pans over ideas and expressions of femininity, of effeminacy, of identities and roles held on to by women in the contemporary world. This issue revolves around the subject of age and sexuality through personal storytelling approaches by photographers from different cultures. This issue brings forth the visual poetry of Inge Morath, which she made out of people and their places over half a century. We also preview the upcoming Focus Photography Festival, Mumbai, which explores Photographing the Female as their theme. Photostory by Abdollah Heidari, I want my Face, portrays the plight and helplessness of Iranian girls as victims of school blazes which aren't uncommon in Iran. The special feature showcases photographs of women from everyday life, from various parts of the world by various photographers. A poignant photo book by Russian photographer Alexandr Chekmenev, along with an Artist On Art column of Francis Newton Souza's work also secure a feature in this issue. Through social media collaborations India Pictures, Creative Image throws a limelight on talented photographers and features images depicting Faith from #CIXIP on Instagram. It also features the winners of the Camarena Academy Photography Awards 2016. Digging into archives, the issue features intriguing female photo portraiture from Isfahan, Iran, compiled by Parisa Damandan.

  • Ashraf Talaat
  • Abdollah Heidari
  • Alia Ali
  • Alexandr Chekmenev
  • Navin Kumar Vatsa
  • Rania Matar
  • Alena Zhandarova
  • Hanna Putz
  • Paul Shiakallis
  • Poulomi Basu
  • Cristobal Olivares
  • Hailun Ma
  • Liu Susiraja
  • Jamie Knowlton
  • Mafalda RakoŠ
  • Natasha PenaguiÃo
  • Sara Zanella
  • Birthe Piontek
  • Prarthna Singh
  • Zacharie Rabehi
  • Masoud Gharaei
  • Elnaz Amini
  • Hulya Polat
  • Ashoke Ghosh
  • Parisa Damandan
  • Abolqasem Jala
  • Nishchay Jain
  • Abhishek Nandy
  • Abhishek Scariya
  • Probal Banerjee
  • Sayan Mukherjee
  • Swarat Ghosh
  • Arghya Chatterjee
  • Sasikumar Ramachandran
  • Nandhan Sai
  • Udayan Sankarpal
  • Avismita Bhattacharyya
  • Aparna Garodia
  • Avirup Banerjee
  • Mandhara Dhara Prasad
  • Dhritiman Lahiri
  • Prosenjit Ghosh
  • Mohit Verma
  • Inge Morath Foundation
  • Alexander Chekmenev

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