Refugees mainly from Syria, but also Afghanistan, Iraq and parts of Africa making their way across Europe. Walking from Serbia across border to Croatia, where they gathered at Tovarnik to board trains and buses to be transported to either Hungary or Slovenia, then to be taken to border with Austria and onward. 
by James Nachtwey


Last month, Nachtwey was on assignment for TIME magazine, following Syrian refugees along with refugees from other nationalities attempting to cross the border between Turkey and Greece. He has been documenting one of the largest exoduses in history since World War II, and especially for our inaugural issue, he has sent us a selection of work that is very intense and telling.

James Nachtwey, the veteran war photographer, has probably seen and documented more wars than most soldiers have survived. Covering over 30 years of conflicts across the globe, he has a trained eye that compellingly communicates the pain, suffering and fear of victims as well as the gross futility of war to gazers across the globe. While he documents such tragic manmade events, he declares, “I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.” Unfortunately, history repeats itself. The dreadful human condition that we continually inherit of our past, points towards the idea that we have developed a genetic predisposition to wars as a species.

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