To say that photography brings everything into true focus is an understatement. The camera was Melisa’s Pandora’s Box. Since the day she clicked open its shutter, it has continued to unleash feelings of discontent, boredom, restlessness, doubt and fear from deep within her. The more she shot, the more she wanted to escape the familiar. The more she saw, the more curious she became. The more she clicked, the more desperately she wanted to leave her life behind. Photography was her escape into a world that she once barely noticed. Ever since she surrendered to the whims of light—allowing its rays to cast fresh insights on familiar subjects and reveal others that had previously slipped past her eyes—she began to embrace life. Instead of running from it now she regards the camera as her ‘third eye’—the eye of intuition. It sees what her heart feels. All traces of agitation are erased when she shoots. It feels as if she’s being sucked by the vortex of my viewfinder into a ‘void’ where nothing seems to matter. It is this peaceful place that she seeks refuge in.

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