Yang Yankang


The Tibetan horizon is divine in nature. Yang Yankang has been documenting the life of Tibetan Buddhists—the monks and the temples, their family life and nature, how they stick to their own, and how faith is an integral part of their life.
In 2003, he began a decade of travelling to photograph the Tibetan people in the Tibetan plateau as well as Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan. In these places he witnessed first hand the Tibetan way of living and understood the sheer power of faith which the Tibetans cling on to protect them and sustain themselves in a challenging geographic environment.
For these people, Tibetan Buddhism is a source of spiritual strength and nourishment.
Over the course of his ten-year-long association with them, he has grown to keenly understand and identify with these simple and hardy people. In his photographs he has tried to capture their indomitable spirit as well as their love, wisdom and nobility of heart.
Through his photographs, viewers are able to get a glimpse of the faith that is so integral to Tibetan living and develop their own understanding of life by recognizing the unity in diversity of different world cultures.

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