Zacharie Rabehi

Zacharie Rabehi embarks upon a solo journey to document and track the lives of fleeing refugees trapped by the Syrian conflict. A journey that would take him from Greece to Germany crossing Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria. In an interview with us, he talks about walking with teeming crowds of refugees for hours, sleeping on the sides of the roads, jumping in buses and trains and sometimes being escorted to camps. This 10-day long journey along the Balkan Route and beyond, would come with many experiences, anxiety, and perhaps, some insight into the human condition.

Zacharie Rabehi is a young independent photojournalist. He left his studies at 15 years of age and wandered in a wide range of disciplines—from design, business and advertising, to finally settle on the world of photography. He began by shooting fashion and musicians touring the world. Slowing down from hectic commercial work, he is now concentrating on making photographs without a profitmaking motive. Hand in hand with his partner, he has also started the Girls Photo Collective, which helps young girls from modest economical backgrounds learn photography.

To view more of his work, you can visit www.zacharie.rabehi.com

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